Simple, Reliable & Secure


SIMPAY™ is an exclusive proprietary banking platform coupled with SIM overlay technology in connecting the finance industry to their clients throughout Africa. We make it possible for institutions to supply financial services to the millions of unbanked and underbanked people who were previously considered unreachable. SIMPAY™ allows real time processing of financial transactions, anytime and anywhere, without requiring access to the Internet.
The platform provides users, merchants, agents and service providers with the ability to distribute financial products and services to consumers securely, efficiently and cost effectively.

SIMPAY™ creates an online real time financial network through a central server that supports transaction processing through various endpoint devices, including mobile phones, POS terminals, ATMs and computers. SIMPAY™ also supports the efficient distribution of financial products and services from the service provider to the consumer, including mobile banking service, branchless banking, bill payments and money transfers.


SIMPAY™ is independent of telecom operators so it does not matter which telecom network provider the mobile phone user is registered with as transactions requested are processed.

The entire user interface is carried out on the SIM Tool Kit application inside SIMPAY™ and only when the data is ready to be transmitted, it is then sent via encrypted SMS. This allows for very efficient utilisation of the network, lower cost and faster user interface.

SIMPAY™ provides end-to-end encryption of the data, which allows banks and other companies to offer mobile wallet, mobile banking and other mobile financial services in a secure environment.

The security modules embedded in SIMPAY™ eliminates unauthorised access with the relevant algorithms assuring message authenticity.

There are further risk management controls in place to ensure security and prevent fraud whilst providing a seamless mobile financial services platform.