Quick Response (QR Codes) get Quick Results

Worldwide, digital and mobile devices are the most convenient mode of payment and some countries have skipped card payments altogether thanks to mobile POS systems that make it possible to pay for goods on any type of mobile device. But customers are not the only people to benefit from these systems. Businesses do not necessarily need a bank-breaking investment to implement mobile POSs as an option in their payment systems. One type of POS system that has become popular in countries such as China is the QR code. These codes can easily be generated and used to transfer funds from one account to another to pay for anything from a street snack to an airline ticket. These ubiquitous replacements to barcodes have been used in situations that may even be considered a bit bizarre. In one such case in China, a bridal party used a QR code in case guests forgot to bring their envelope of cash (a common gift in some Asian countries). But even as systems such as these are becoming the norm, tech companies are trying to come up with new ways to replace them. The Chinese company, Alibaba, is working on facial recognition technology to secure payment systems. In the meantime, there is still potential for codes to be used more creatively by embedding them into text or images which could open up eye-catching, streamlined and simple modes for advertisements and graphic designers.