For a better Africa



Mobinet Group Holdings Limited is incorporated in Hong Kong with operations in Asia and Africa. Our Asia subsidary is incorporated in Taiwan with a focus on developing and sourcing applicable technology for our operations across Africa. Mobinet provides consulting and technical advice to financial institutions and businesses across Africa with operations in Ghana, Liberia, Malawi, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Uganda. Mobinet provides consulting and technical advice for financial institutions and businesses. It specialises in WISP and IT infrastructure provisioning across Africa with state-of-the-art connectivity devices and economical e-Commerce solutions. 

As an integration provider, Mobinet is dedicated to providing low cost and time proven hardware and software to organisations, using the most up to date and mostly locally sourced material in the Telecommunications and IT environment. Mindful of the esoteric environment in which we operate, Mobinet has put in place a dependable and secure network, making use of state of the art technological applications throughout Africa. 

Mobinet offers a wide range of services for the banking industry, public organisations, multinationals, private companies, educational institutions, and other non-IT businesses.

Mobinet is aware that the ability to deploy technology wisely has become an important factor in keeping an enterprise profitable and relevant in today’s global market place. The technology we deploy has been crucial in facilitating mobile money, mobile savings, mobile credit and mobile insurance.